"You have a busy day ahead and it's already getting late.
Head outside and get some fresh air."

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CAGE is a psychological horror game in which players take the role of a lone character who is attempting one simple task: to head outside and get some fresh air.

This task, however, is not as simple as it may seem. Faced with a series of bizarre and increasingly uncomfortable obstacles, you must take constant care in avoiding various nasty (and often tragically mundane) deaths.

But the biggest obstacles run much deeper. Featuring a narrator who is... unreliable at best and downright insulting at worst, players will have to get through their day under a constant barrage of judgment, sarcasm, and melancholy.

CAGE is about tension and discomfort in a familiar environment. Your greatest tools are also your worst enemies. Common sense will keep you alive, but it might not get you very far. Curiosity can have great rewards, but will probably just get you killed.

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The game is simple: the player character can move around, interact with their environment, and use items picked up along the way to solve puzzles and progress the story. When this character (inevitably) dies, players are reminded not to worry. You can always try again the next day.
And the next day.
And the next day.

Maybe somewhere along the way, you’ll realise just how futile the whole process is. Maybe you’ll be stubborn enough to see it through to the end. But be warned... it’s not going to be easy.